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I don't want you making these three mistakes that crash-and-burn an otherwise-healthy protein shake. Turning A Protein Shake Into an Adult Milkshake Adding high-sugar impact ingredients like dried fruit, sweetened nut milks, and sugar-added almond butter can easily turn a potentially healthy shake into a sugar-loaded, fat-storing disaster. Instead, opt for low-sugar impact ingredients. I blend protein powder with unsweetened coconut milk, frozen raspberries, avocado, kale, and freshly ground flax seeds. You have an easy, delicious, fat-blasting breakfast in minutes http://www.valdostadailytimes.com/news/local_news/dumealz-helps-residents-be-healthier/article_910ee52a-daae-560a-bedc-a90313fe5987.html that keeps you full for hours. Among a growing array of choices, finding the right protein powder can become a challenge. If you don't believe me, visit your local supermarket or health food store and read those labels. I realize whey -- the second most abundant protein in milk after casein -- becomes the gold standard for protein powders. Problem is, whey absorbs very quickly. That might be fine post-workout if you don't have dairy intolerances (and keep in mind many people do), but as a meal replacement whey becomes a disaster. One study found whey creates an insulin-raising effect similar to white bread. That explains why you're hungry an hour after a whey shake, and not for wild salmon and Brussels sprouts either. Casein protein becomes another no-go.

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